Winter Fatigue

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Winter Fatigue

When it comes to fatigue, there are so many books out there that it could fill up a book store. We are not trying to cover all these possibilities here, just a few key things that can be important to consider as the temperatures start to drop. Your internal body temperature regulator organ is your thyroid. During the winter months, your thyroid has to work harder to keep you warm. When your thyroid is stressed, lack of nutrients that support the thyroid like Iodine, B vitamins, zinc, selenium, copper and manganese. Eniva’s Thyroid Care liquid helps support a low functioning thyroid by giving it these needed nutrients and Nutriwest’s Total Thyroid has desiccated thyroid to boost your own thyroid hormone production.

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your posture is your window to your spine and brain. Slouching doesn’t just look bad, but it decreases your lung volume too. Less oxygen means you feel more tired.

The Miracle Fluid
When it comes to whether someone is getting enough water, there are several mistakes people commonly make. Many of my patients complain that they aren’t thirsty, or that they don’t have a dry mouth. The truth is a dry mouth and thirst are not signs to rely on. Another big excuse people commonly make is that they claim they couldn’t be dehydrated because today they had two coffees, tea, coke and water. However, other fluids like coffee and sodas are usually dehydrating fluids! You cannot replace good, clean water. So what are signs that you aren’t getting enough water? Number one is fatigue! When we are usually turning to our caffeine to pick us up, that is actually your body calling out for water! Also feeling hungry, irritable, anxious and depressed are signs that you are not getting enough of this miracle liquid. So how much water do you need to drink each day?

Your body weight in pounds x 0.5 = # of ounces per day of water you should drink